You‘re not just buying a home inspection –
you’re buying the services of a certified professional.

Thoroughly Qualified

We have spent 15 years in the construction and home building industries, learning every part of a house there is to know about. In addition, we’ve received certifications from the top home inspection association in the world. Here are a few items that set us apart from other home inspectors.

  • Termite Inspections

  • Pool and Spa Inspection

  • Sewer Scope Technology

  • FREE Termite Inspections for VA Loans

  • $10,000 worth of protection for your home

  • HVAC inspections done by certified technicians

license #51751

Warranties & Services

Included with every inspection at no extra charge!

Our system will match you with the best services at the best price.  In Cable, Satellite, Internet, and other home services, we work with every major provider and will get you the best equipment at the best price – all in one call.

Covers repairs to all clients for the items I as the home inspector have found to be in good working condition at the time of inspection and are specifically listed within our warranty.

Since 1974, by law, American citizens have been protected from dangerous items in their homes. Find out which hazardous appliances you may have.

Main water breaks and sewer line collapses are covered for up to $4,000, ensuring that home buyers can buy with confidence and agents can worry less.

Covers any new visible mold that occurs after the inspection, if there was no visible mold or moisture issues reported in the inspection. Up to $2,o00 for the cost of mold removal.

This service contract is for the repair of leaks to your home’s roof for a period of 5 years following the date of inspection.