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Unearth the treasures of Buckeye with peace of mind. Glass Home Inspections has been protecting homes here for over a decade, ensuring your oasis of discovery is worry-free. We meticulously inspect for leaks, termites, and any potential roadblocks to your adventures. Trust your Buckeye investment to the experts. Get a free estimate and let us be your partners in unearthing hidden gems.

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Home Inspections

Our team provides detailed inspections for all our residential clients. It is crucial that our clients know about any termites, leaks, or any other serious damages before buying, selling, or even maintaining their home. During the inspection, Glass Home Inspections’ knowledgeable team will thoroughly inspect your structural systems, plumbing, roofing, HVAC system, electrical systems, appliances, pool, spa, site/property, and more. We have built a solid reputation with various certifications from the top home inspection associations in the world. Our clients can rest assured knowing that we are fully capable of reporting on any inspection-related issues.

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